Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 12/22/2017

WCM: This past show we talked about our usual nonsense. We went from skit to skit to skit. Perhaps we didn't finish a few, but that's what made it funnier. Then we realized Jesse was being censored by our supposed boss, Kris McFadden at Real Vision Radio.

JD: Kris of Real Vision Radio tried to censor me. He doesn’t want me to be me, because a zombie made fun of him. Other than that we had a good time. Sometimes the shows take a life of their own and as a live performance, you can’t always plan what direction it will go, other than it will just go.

WCM: We finally got Kris to call in and defend his name. Some pretty scandalous information had been circulating, and pictures to go with it. But he came on, and actually made nice with the very character who perpetrated the info into the Twiterverse.

JD: Kris finally called in and confronted Undead Greg. Finally. I thought Kris was afraid of him, but he was probably too high to dial in before. We must’ve caught him between blunts.

WCM: Gary Buller even came on the show to shoot the breeze and we were all having a good time. Just like that. You come on the show, you're one of us. We hang, we talk, we have fun. Period.

JD: That’s right. Anyone is free to come on the show. Want to have a good time with Marchese and I? Well, hit us up on Twitter and let us know!

Outro: This Friday is the best of, thinking back on 2017. Will there be nonsence? Probably. Will there be WWE-like feuds? Maybe. Tune in to find out on YouTube and iTunes and listen live here



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