Monday Motivation 11/27/2017

This Monday I'm thinking about how close the holidays are. How fast this year went. All the times I wished my life away by wanting the work day to go by fast. 

Whatever holiday you celebrate, it is a time to come together with family and be grateful that we're all here another year. 

It's important for a writer to know they have someone there for them. Sometimes writing can be a secluded task. To know someone is there when you come out of that sequestered zone in your mind is comforting. Some don't have that. But there is always someone. 

It's important to make acquaintances, or friends, as well. It can get pretty lonely in this line of work.  

If they aren't there for you, then they aren't true friends at all. And if family doesn't care? Well, that's something you have to decide. But probably not worth the effort. 

Support can be the difference between having the courage to submit, or procrastion and fear. It's not easy being a writer. It's not about getting a few stories out there and gloating that you're published. It's about getting a story out and then sending out the next. Or, if you do something else, moving on to the next project. 

I just finished a short story for an anthology, and after I submitted, I said to myself. Ok, now to the next one. 

No one said this would be easy, especially if you want to make it to at least live off of your earnings. 

Keep pushing. 



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