Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 12/15/2017

WCM: Another week. Another show and we are that much closer to Christmas and Hanukkah (halfway through) and Kwanzaa and the New Year. This show we had on James H. Longmore. He proved to be a very down to earth guy who hustles and gets his thing done. Both of those traits together? Rare. Go figure. Yes. It is still possible to be successful and extremely nice. 

JD: Longmore was hilarious. I knew he would do well on the show. He revealed a secret about the behind the scenes casting couch activities, but I hope no one pays any attention to it. He dropped a truth bomb about making money on Amazon, having a few erotica titles as cash cows just might afford you time to write other things. I bought that advice hook line and sinker. 

WCM: Well. Cat Man came up a couple of times. He meant to shame Jesse for back when he partook in questionable activities with the frisky feline. Shame on you Jesse, there is a line and you may have crossed it. 

JD: Cat Man is the biggest pussy I've ever touched. The tapes show that he teased me! He initiated the whole thing!

WCM: We also did an extra few shows for the week. On one, Jesse cajoled Longmore to stay on even though he was dead tired. Just like myself, putting my life on the line for the entertainment of our wonderful viewers. Up at 6am and in bed at 2am. Then up early Saturday. Ugh. I remember when weekends were for sleeping in and relaxation from a rough work week. We even recorded a video game show, where we shoot the breeze about video games and such. It was just grazing the tip, but let us know if you like that, and if you want to hear more about video games, reviews of new products and such. 

JD: Longmore couldn't say no, not after the ultimatum I gave him. He knows what's up, and if he's smart he won't talk about it. We shared thoughts about writers egos, bringing attitude era theatrics to the names behind the writing, Eminem's flop, free beer, video games. We have an episode for every day this week!

OUTRO: Next show we take it easy and reflect on shows of past, news, and other things.

You can listen on YouTube and iTunes and Spreaker where you can listen live Friday night at 11pm Eastern Time. Download shows here


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