Midweek Thoughts 12/6/2017

I've been thinking about what things to write and how it comes across. How people perceive what they read. 

Do they take it at face value and just enjoy the story? Or do they break it down methodically and analyze each word for hidden meaning that may or may not be there? 

I'll read a story and get what it was trying to say, but still enjoy the surface of it. Sometimes i'll get a suspicion there is a deeper meaning. 

Subliminal? Maybe. 

Then there are stories I enjoy as pure entertainment and a reviewer gets a hold of it and I feel like a complete buffoon with all the extra stuff they come up with. 

I guess it's sort of like a funny joke that has layers, or a Disney movie with hidden material for the adults. 

For instance: I could have used "jokes" instead of "material," and it could be taken completely different--not just because i'm using a different word. Does that make sense? I could be referring to material being another word used to describe jokes, but still hiding the fact that it is a joke for a mature audience. Kids would understand joke, but adults may relate with what material means. I could equate it to something i wish to allude to. Maybe a subject or article that used a similar word, or term. 

Or something like that. 

Some reviewers have a field day with this, and I guess it allows the story, or article, to live on with a renewed meaning after it's no longer relevant. 

It also adds another dimension to a writers daunting task. And can send chills down the spine of those who wish to impress certain circles. 

Of course some wont get it. And that could be why writers don't get into certain publications. 

Is it like how certain colleges tie their ties a certain way? 

Possibly. Should you care? Perhaps, if you want to get into certain publications. If you want to entertain and have a fan base, who cares? 

In the end, the readers are the ones who matter. Impress them and you'll go far. 


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