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Friday Musings 10/20/2017

In this business are we alone? Is Twitter and social media a classroom of sorts for the artistically inclined? 

Play along, make nice, be sure to retweet and like, and write, of course. (Or whatever you are pursuing.)

There really aren't any rules to this, and that's why there are so many how-tos about it. 

In this business you come across a lot of flaky notions and ideas pressed upon you from the "powers that be." So much so it starts to feel as though you're in a cut-throat corporate environment. And yes, while it may be cut-throat in competing to get published, or your movie shot, or that scene over the hundreds of other auditioners, you would think people might be there to help, people you look up to. 

I've been blessed to become aware of certain truths in the industry. Sometimes people come out and blatantly blurt what they feel, or explode at you with something so flagrant that even if you don't know what is happening,  you still take pause and recogniz…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 10/13/2017

WCM: Last Friday the 13th, (yeah, we know) we had on scream queen Genoveva Rossi. We talked about her career and if she ever knew Weinstein personally. She said no. Had to be asked. 

JD: Rossi is legit. She's not playing some casting couch game for fame. She's the real deal, and a real gypsy, too. I wouldn't dare cross her. Never ever.

WCM: Kentucky Bob got a little out of hand and pushed things to the next level with his question. It just went too far. Dedman showed signs of breaking. 

JD: Breaking? The only thing breaking is Kentucky Bob when I bend him over and let him feel the full might of my whiskey dick. 

WCM: I guess. It could have been due to Dedman putting on his devinaire Tony Robbins voice, but who knows.

JD: did I hack my mic or finally grow some balls?

WCM: Conspiracy Corner was bonkers this week, where we talked about the history of the McDonald's chicken nuggets, Deadman's favorite. 

JD: I would rather live a short fun life than a long dull life. That'…

Monday Motivation 10/16/2017

This is a new post I'm testing where I give a reason, just one--who knows, maybe more--to look forward to the week ahead. 

Monday's are hard for a lot of people. Especially those with day jobs eating up a huge portion of the day when you could be working on a story, or movie, or whatever it is your dream may be. 

I'll talk about what I plan for the week, or what I've got going from the prior week, maybe techniques I'm messing with, and maybe you (whoever you are) will drop a comment below and let me know what you're up to, or have planned to rev up motivation on the worst day of the week. 

But we're gonna try and make it the best. 

Well maybe... 


Friday Musings 10/13/2017

Friday the 13th. Some speculate this to be a cursed day, unlucky. I think it's just the same as any other.

Though there are hilarious instances that come about from awareness of the dreaded day. 

After dropping my daughter off at school with my wife, (late mind you, so I'm rushing through this Musings), I drive on a road where I see a black cat running from the sidewalk, heading for the street. Something inside said it was going to happen. 

Many things raced through my mind as it darted out in front of the car, as I repeated, "Don't do it, don't do it... You did it..." and jetted perfectly past the car (textbook black cat crossing if I ever did see one). I thought just great, and look at the day. Though I had injected a bit of humor into it, my wife thought it was hilarious. 

And while I ended up late to my Friday writing session, I still found time to peck this post out on my cell. And while traffic still reared its ugly, stupid face, it ultimately turned out no…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 10/6/2017

WCM: So another Friday, another show. This week we had on Lisa Dabrowski, aka Mistress Rosie. The episode was pushed as a rematch with her, after I left the show half through while she talked about a brutal past. It had been partly due to hate over my fart board, partly a ploy to leave because I needed to wake early the next morning. I ended up turning the situation into a WWE sort of event. Boothill had been in the middle of the whole thing. 

JD: Round Two and it was actually civil. Well, as civil with a side of giant black dildos. Marchese and Mistress Rosie may not be friends yet, but they stayed on long enough to share thoughts on things.

WCM: We discussed many things, one of them being coffee processed from the intestines of an animal called an Asian Palm Civet. This creature ingests coffee berries and passes them out to be cleaned and roasted for your expensive brewing pleasure. 

JD: Kopi Luwak sounds disgusting just by the sound of the word alone. I'm not drinking coffee proce…

Nitro Brew; Writer's Fuel Guest Post by: Gary Buller

Coffee runs in the writers veins-- hasn't that always been the way? The sacred bean keeping the semi-pro writer awake to finish 1000 words before or after a long day at 'the real job.' Following a recommendation from William Marchese (well, more of a euphoric demand, actually) I
decided to take the plunge into the dark world of cold brew. 

I think the idea of us English being devout drinkers of tea is a bit of a lazy stereotype these days. Sure, I recall the ritual of 'making a brew' when my grandparents came to visit, but I'm far more likely to dig out the Tassimo machine these days than the kettle, and I know plenty of English friends who do the same. Cold coffee however sounds bloody awful if I'm honest-- even when Will sent me pictures of the milkshake looking substance filled with ice-cubes I wasn't convinced.

I'm more of a hot, sweet-coffee drinker. I like my specialty coffee's with lots of unusual syrups. I look forward to a Chai Tea Latte …

Friday Musings 10/6/2017

The changing seasons can replicate a lot of things.

Out with the old, in with the new. Fresh beginnings and bitter endings. 

The changing times create a lot if feeling. Good, bad. Always, though, it comes right back in the next rotation. 

It may not be the same exact leaf that changed color  beautifully in the fall and then died in the crystal winter, but with the next cycle grow new ones. 

I write horror and receive strange looks at times (though lately I've been getting the occasional "Oh really?") Horror has been doing pretty good as of late. There are statistics I can go into as to why, but that's for another time. 

You see, horror can be beautiful like snow as far as the eye can see, trees tipped with sparkling spectical. The horror is the point where you look down and realize this treterous terrain must be traversed with no coat--oh and it's beginning to snow. Turn back, you say? Well. Behind you smokes a broken down vehicle which blew its radiator. That's h…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/29/2017

WCM: Last Friday's show played out to be another great night with just us. Though, we had a special guest during the last half hour.
JD: It gave a chance to discuss things between us, which is great. M. R. Tapia came just in time for the Hugh Hefner 21 moan salute!
WCM: We discussed the new Chucky flick, which went straight to DVD. Also up for discussion, we explored Friday the 13th, which will be out sometime next year.
JD: Cult of Chucky is in the hands of the creator and it's direct to DVD trash! I know the theater game is cut throat, but horror films are generally doing quite well as of late. Halloween is getting another reunion reboot that mirrors H20. We've done that already!
WCM: After our hijinx and other various tomfoolery lead to frequent bathroom visits and the clanking of beer bottles, we had a special guest on from the writer pack of ours. None other than the great Manuel Tapia.
JD: Tapia shared his love of authentic Mexican food and many stories of being at t…

Friday Musings 9/29/2017

This week I came to a realization. I had something in me when I first started, a raw energy that lent hope and brought out some pretty damn good moments in my writing. 

Then I went through multiple moments of doubt and worry. Am I good enough? Everyone knows what I want to do, and I'm such a loud mouth that if I don't do it I'll look like a looser. And there were more. 

Then I had moments where I felt great, on top of the world. I had, if memory serves me correctly,  figured out something new, a different way of seeing things, and pushed on. I still had those days of self doubt, and maybe even gave up at certain moments. Yet I always got up the next day (and still do) with a refreshed attitude to go right back at it again. I had something new to work with. Of course sometimes it negated some older knowledge, but. I restructured and moved forward. 

At one point, a long moment in time haha, work piled on and life gripped with a desperate choke hold--some wanted, like my daughte…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/22/2017

This one came late, but it's been crazy. Will try to have them sometime between Monday and Wednesday. Enjoy tomorrow night's show. Now here's a recap of last week's show. WCM: This show we went solo, if you look at us as one being, that is. According to Dedman, I'm a wimp for liking fancy coffee. Please. I love coffee, especially rich and strong. If it has a flavor, or two, thrown in, what's wrong with that? JD: Fancy coffee is fine. I just laughed hard on how you said it. I could hear the coffee snob. Mmmmmm, I only enjoy the rich strong taste for expensive coffee that use exotic coffee beans. We navigated the best we could with crap AT&T internet. You suck AT&T! Go choke on a 12 inch dildo and fuck off! Sorry, I'm still a bit pissed. WCM: Hyped up on caffeine, we then delved into writing quality, and if there is there really bad and good writing? I think there is a big difference. Though, again, we met somewhere in the middle once again. We…

Friday Musings 9/22/2017

I've had fellow writers read a story of mine titled The Cat. This story is one I have worked over time and time again in the hopes of making it work. I have painstakingly attempted to rewrite and change aspects of the stories, without killing the core of each--which I have been told both have an excellent premise. It will not be an easy thing to do, but I'm up for the challenge. 

One thing I know I've done, between the day job taking a huge chunk of my day, and family life taking another chunk, then various projects I had done for other magazines and such, I have put on hold the most important thing and that would be to write. And read. 

I have enjoyed the extra activities I've become involved in. In the end, however, they have kept me from my ultimate goal--to become a writer who is capable of living off of that work. 

Don't get me wrong. The activities I've done have gotten me out there, and helped me make acquaintances. Some of those activities, like the radio …

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/15/2017

WCM: On last Friday's show, we had on Madeline Swan who discussed what she was doing and her writing career. We delved deep into her story The Occtopus in the Corner of the Room in the Deadman's Tome sci-fi edition Final Conflict, and where she got the inspiration to write such a piece.
JD: Madeleine Swann has a brilliant mind that's tuned into the weird and psychedelic without the need of mind altering chemicals. Octopus in the Corner of the Room is more than a story, it's social commentary in an abstract way. We had some really good fan questions that dug into her method. 
WCM: We also had Catman on, but he got cut from the show due to technical issues. So you may never get to hear that exchange between cat and Swann.
JD: The internet at my house was compromised by damage from the flood and the repairs of such damage. Excuse or legit? Was I trying to silence Man Cat?
WCM: What more is there to say? The show carried on and we are still seeking a beer company as a sponsor.…

Starting Novels

Sitting here in a Kohl's parking lot waiting for the wife and kid, hunched over my laptop pecking away at the
keys. Trying to keep from peeking too much at twitter as I yank my conspiracy theory novel into current times--and apply current skills I've acquired. 

But my watch buzzes with posts and replies and messages, and events in the parking lot pull me from the pages. It's okay, though. I'm getting some things done. And Twitter, though a lot of people say to the contrary, actually helps me quite a bit. 

I had been debating which novel I should work on. There are two. One is the conspiracy one, that has to do a bit with MK Ultra among other things--with a horror twist, of course. The other is about a radio that is haunted. I know, cliche, right? Not necessarily. There are a lot of twists and turns. 

I decided on messing with Safe Place, the first novel I mentioned with MK Ultra, because someone in my group likes conspiracy novels and offered to read it for opinion. So of…

Friday Musings 9/15/2017

Some great news to report. I'm going to be in Aphotic Realms next anthology titled Banished. I will have a story in there titled Upon Reflection. Very excited. I am almost finished on another story I've been working on, psyched about that one. It's a premise I held dear for a bit; and although it's morphed into quite a different tale from the original, there are a lot of main aspects that remain.

I'm very fortunate to have created a writing group that has grown to what it has. It's so important to have a bunch of like-minded individuals who share a common goal. New people come in, and some leave, but all in all things have been great.

Someone recently pointed out that writing is mostly an act of solitude. And while I agree--and it needs to be this way at times--it's good to know there are a great bunch of people in the same game waiting to share their experiences and listen to yours. Someone you can talk to about issues with writing, or if something looks str…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/8/2117

WCM: This week on the show we had a special guest. Amy Grech. We talked about her writing and day job as a self-employed SEO specialist. We also discussed the Horror Writers Association among other things.  JD: Amy was great. She's been writing for a long time, has over 100 stories published, a pro member of the HWA, and something of a SEO wizard! Above all, she has a great sense of humor and held her own during the stream of dick and pussy jokes. WCM: Even though we got off to a non-Dynamite start, I jumped on my laptop which even made me able to pop on video chat. Those Windows updates can screw things up, and I always seem to get one just before the show starts. Kentucky Bob had one of his famously colorful questions for Dedman and had even prepared one for Amy.  JD: I appreciate fan questions, even Kentucky Bob. It's all about having a fun time, and I'm willing to joke about anything and won't let that man break me. Though, he'll try. WCM: All in all everyt…

Friday Musings 9/8/2017

Today I am thankful that I know a thing or two about computers. The café where I write doesn't have Wi-Fi, so on my laptop the night before I open the document I wish to edit,  so it can be ready to go. I work on it, and when I get to the day job I log on and save my changes to the cloud. 

Today I went to the café to do my Friday writing before hell starts and got pretty far in a story I'm working on. It felt good being able to focus like that. I even put off this post to continue working on the story. Everything was going great. 

Before, I had arrived at the coffee shop late due to traffic. People were sitting at my favorite spots! The guy behind the counter even charged me for 2 flatwhites instead of one (and got the donut order wrong)! (Of course I asked nonchalantly if wow, did the price go up--I don't like confrontations if there doesn't need to be any), and he we fixed that situation. Maybe what happens to my document is karma for fixing the coffee problem? Maybe I…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 9/1/2017

WCM: Fridays podcast turned out to be a very informative show. We geeked out and talked about the dark corners of writing some may find taboo to discuss. But hey, writers are sending their careers down the river anyway with all this political mumbo jumbo anyway, so why not talk about a subject that actually matters, right? Dedman and I sort of went at it, but found we agree with each other more than originally thought. JD: I got drunk and was a bit contentious, but it was to prove a point. When the readers, on average, don't seem to mind "poor writing" then who exactly are we trying to impress, other writers? Please, there are plenty of writers that get green with envy. WCM: When writing these days, we found it's not hard to accomplish things. All you need is a basic understanding of how to write and a great imagination. Oh, and talent. It's not much different from painting a picture, except with writing you are using words instead of paint. When beginning the…

Friday Musings 9/1/2017

So it's September. The leaves will soon begin to turn colors, and all the fall and winter items are going to be put out for sale. Cinnamon spice pinecone and firewood. I've already been seeing Halloween things in different stores. I love this time of year. 

I'm also finishing up a vacation visiting my parent-in-laws in Puerto Rico. Sad to be leaving, but I also look ahead to all I have to do concerning writing. 

You have to be positive. There are really no endings until the ultimate ending on Earth. That's not to say don't cherish every moment, but remember it's not the end just because you have to move forward. Paths will meet again, visiting loved ones, God willing. If you keep yourself busy with tasks and other things, you will be OK in between. I like the mantra Tony Stark said to Pepper Potts in the Iron Man movie. There is nothing except this, the next mission. Keep busy. Depression can take a hold on lots of creative people because of the self doubt and co…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap (extra episode)

WCM: This week we had a special, extra episode. I needed to test out the signal in the mountains to see if I could do the Friday show, and it works pretty nice. It also turned out that the test continued into a full fledged episode. Straight from my phone. Gotta love technology. 

JD: Instead of riding solo, I checked in on the Dynamite to see if he could spare a few minutes from hunting chupacabras to test out the connection. It worked, and a bit better than the previous show.

WCM: We discussed many things. Dedman got out some frustration on a local Texan who claims to be a man of Faith, yet was sketchy on letting people flooded out of their homes into his stadium. Later he let them in, but not before tons of Twitter followers shamed him. 

JD: Joel Osteen doesn’t like dirty people! If you’re unclean, wet with flood water, and smell like sweat then you best go away! The man of God is too busy counting money he received from donations. Hurricane Harvey donations that went to him! I’m glad …

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/25/2017

WCM: The show had it's challenges this week. Texas started with a terrible hurricane and I am on vacation in Puerto Rico. For this episode, though, I just happened to be staying in a hotel with WiFi. So that worked out. I am using my phone and laptop. Dedman has a cupboard full of beer, there just wasn't any water left at the supermarket. Now that's dedication. We still managed to get the show out. 

JD: As long as I have my beer! And you know what? I didn’t buy enough. The roads are flooded because Harvey just won’t stop pissing on Houston, and my supply is down to four cans! Four cans for a man that drinks about twelve a day. Beer is like water for me, and now I’m gonna have to swim for more! 

WCM: We got to the point. We came to talk horror. Kentucky Bob had another question for Dedman, and we delved into the subject of horror writers who commit murder for inspiration. Also, are writers possessed by a spirit, or demons? When they get down to writing, is something else driv…

Friday Musings 8/25/2017

This week I have been thinking about how authors wrestle with self doubt and failure. There are many articles and journal entries that solidify this. 

One of the worst emotions is not feeling adequate enough to practice a passion you love. There may be times when skills are forgotten and you wonder how the hell am I going to pull this off? Am I a failure? Look at his/her writing, they really got it together. But it's quite possible those who seem to have no troubles are having the same, if not more, trouble than you are. Don't sell yourself short. 

Forgetting a skill isn't literally that--forgetting. I'd say its more like misplacing the skill. It happened to me. I believe I even wrote about it in a post. See, I blame the day job, as it's really the root of all the problems I face concerning my writing--the biggest hurdle. Getting back to the misplaced skill, it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment where it started, but I connect it to an insident where I came late…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/18/2017

WCM: On last Fridays edition of the show, me and Dedman had on a guest who desires to skydive naked. Dedman can explain it best. 

JD: Amber Clements is hands down the most bad ass guest we've had ever. She skydives nude so much that she broke a state record and is brave enough to answer a Craigslist modeling ads in Murder Beach, South Carolina. 

WCM: We got up to the usual hijinks. Kentucky Bob had another intellectual, yet provocative question for Dedman--who was accused later on by some to have went full pervert. Maybe the tone of his voice? 

JD: I've never been shy about being a pervert. What can I say? I'm a hardwired hetero male with  a lot of testosterone. It's the sort of wiring that has gotten many celebs in trouble like R Kelly, but at least I'm not into pee and I like it legal. People who follow me know that I'm a bit if a gutter brain, and it came out when Amber talked about skydiving nude. 

WCM: Well, either way you look at it, the show was another ente…