When I See You Smile

This past week the floor I've been working on has shut down for construction. The top management is planning on moving down to the floor and my floor is moving, possibly, up to the floor they are using. It works out for what it is. 

The problem is I'm displaced and now need to work in another place--or, I don't really know where I'll be. Probably all over. But it's okay. I still have a job. 

So remember how I say you have to be positive? I still stand behind that. And usually the next day I'm good again. But this day was getting to me. 

I'd just packed up my things, cleaned out the drawers and was trying to do some work, sitting there holding my head up with
my hand, when the person I was sitting with started singing When I see you smile, by Bad English. 

I turned to her and explained how I used to think about my mother when I heard that song. She had died when I was 13 and that song reminds me of her. 

Whatever you believe, in God or other, I couldn't help but see that this was some sort of sign. My mother saying everything is going to be okay. And it wasn't as bad after that. 

I'm okay today. And things are usually much better than people make them out to be. So just go forward and take a chance. 

And don't look over possible signs, because they are everywhere. Look back at the post I did about The Secret, where they talk about how signs are everywhere. You just have to know how to see them. 

Are people reaching out from beyond to communicate, to let you know they are still there and that everything is okay? That's up to you to figure out, but I think there's definitely something to it. 



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