I've Missed You Coffee Leaf

I started taking the train again. I had gotten into the habit of driving in and it wasn't good for my wallet and health. 

Taking the train I easily get 10,000 steps in. When I drive, it's only about maybe 7,000. 

Sure I can get in steps at work, but it's very hard when it's busy--and that's most of the time where I work. 

Plus, one of my knees had some strange discomfort for quite a while. Walking set that almost back to normal. 

In some ways driving is less stressful than riding the train, but then again traffic and other drivers are stressful in their own way. 

Either way, I am early today and the traffic is almost non-existent at this time coming
into the city. So I had a bit of nostalgia with a coffee leaf from one of my favorite places to get them, Laughing Man, and a glazed donut. Ah, the breakfast of champions. No picture, and when I wrote that part I looked at the empty bag and lamented on the missed photo op. R.I.P. Glazed donut, you've made my Friday. 

I'm going to try and work on a few stories and maybe think of something for YouTube. Maybe even start working on my freaking novels I've been meaning to edit. 

I'm getting better at editing video, but there is just no time. I don't like to say, "If I did this or that different, then..." but I do wish I'd started YouTube sooner, like in its earlier days. Of course other factors would have had to be in place, like editing. Would I have known anything about it? Did I have the same prowess of research to find a video editor? Probably, and I would have learned how to do these things much earlier even if it did take a bit longer. But I don't regret anything. I learned editing pretty fast and use a mobile program that matches a PC editor almost exactly. 

A few limitations which may be worked out soon, but if I have a raw 20 minute video I have to cut it down into smaller segments before editing because it freezes the timeline to the point of frustration--especially when cutting precise moments. Don't know why smaller parts yet the same amount of time fix this, but it does. So if it ain't broke, well you know. And I'm not complaining. It gets what I need done for now. 

Plus it's great on the go. I've edited most of the show I do with Gary on the train to and from work, or during lunch. 

I punish myself and listen to the audio over and over, back, play, back play, to cut the UMs and UHs out, and maybe the occasional raunchy Gary joke lol. 

Okay, not so occasional. haha. 

But it's definitely been a great learning experience, and takes time away from writing. Which is bad. 

There's that. 

I was reading something about if you want to do something bad enough, you'll find a way. True. I'll just leave that right there to think about. Maybe a post about it later? 

Plus, writing, videos and drawing (graphic designing?) are other ways of expression. So... 


Well, time's a wastin'. I'm going to get to some writing. 



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