Inspiration May Come

I come here yet again with a pondering. I've been reading about blogs, and a tidbit that struck me was the notion that you can't/shouldn't post unless you feel it, or have that influence that a thought or past experience gave you.

I agree. I think back to when I created my blog. At first it just sat dormant, then I posted here and there--mostly as though it were a diary.

Then I started getting more serious on and off. And at one point I was even making thumbnail-like covers for each one, posting three times a week. Those were experimental times. And while I am a bit disappointed with how much I wasn't able to get done writing-wise, I still feel I have learned a great deal from those moments.

Today, I utilize the skills and program that I had used to create those billboards back then, as I had called them. I used what I'd learned and applied it to my YouTube channel and the show Gary and I do. 

A blog, in a sort of way, is like having a YouTube channel. You think up content and post it. Though, I guess you could say the blog is closer to a vlog. But, can you see the similarities?

There are many ways to get your words and content out into the world. I believe this falls under the SEO field. And these details, as with most things in life, are online or can be found with a bit of research. Of course, it's easier to sometimes just go to someone who knows about these things. Amy Grech is one that comes to mind when I think SEO, that and horror writer.

But used properly, these tactics can get your content into the eyes of others and then you go from there. It's like rolling a snowball down a hill and watching it build.

To get back to the point of my thoughts: I had put out posts that tried to inform, that tried to entertain, some that make me cringe when I read them again--and the billboards that go with them. But they are a progression. I feel if anyone cares to read my words one day, or even start off on a blog/writing adventure, and if (when, always be positive) I am able to get things built into something resembling a professional career--at least something I can supplement my income with, if not solely do for a living, then I feel those who come to read my content can go back and learn from what I've done, my possible mistakes, and where I created that spark that lead to a full on roaring fire.

Of course it depends on what kind of blog you're doing. If it's tech and you're talking about new devices coming out, you may not want to have old blunders posted. And that's fine. There are many different ways of doing this, many different paths to take on this road.

The important thing is, don't lose the fire. It is not easy, trust me, I know. Sometimes I see the progress with the blog and think, I'd like to post something. Then stop, over and over. Because having the past to look back on, I don't just want to post just to post, just to gain points with SEO--which can be done, but in the end you lose points for having empty content--well, something like that, you just lose points.

Wow, this turned out to be a long post. Didn't think I'd write this much. And look at that, something I feel is worthy to post to my blog.

One other thing. Meditation, listening to music, thinking, praying, whatever you do, just get those feelings into your mind. Look at the sky and think about others, about yourself. What you want to write, a scene maybe? Get that inspiration, and then write a blog entry. Go on, do it. Don't worry about what others may think. There are billions of people in this world, someone is bound to dig your thoughts.

Talk soon.



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