Off to a Greek Diner For Pulled Pork

Went to a local diner today, because my daughter wanted to go to IHOP (a fast-food chain that is known mostly for their pancakes) and there's usually always a line out the door. 

It's President's Day in the states, so a lot of people have off and I am luckily one of those that have the day free. So I told my daughter, if it isn't packed, maybe we can try IHOP. But if it is, we can go to a local diner which is just as good, if not better. 

Glad I did. I don't usually like going out too much, but this place wasn't bad. 

At this point it was too late to get breakfast--even though they still offered it. I was going to go to my favorite, pasta, but then decided on a burger. The prices were a bit high, but not too bad. The burgers were better. 
Pulled Pork with Side of Fries at Diner
Pulled Pork with Side of Fries

Then I saw it. Pulled Pork... 

My wife had brought my attention to it first, then there was no going back. I was transported back to my days of watching the Food Network after hard days of work, binge-watching the shows and the BBQ competitions in the summer. I was also warped to that little restaurant at the back of Great Adventure. I found one of the best pulled port sandwiches I was ever going to have that day, well, until this encounter. And the fries were great, as well. 
Pulled Pork and Turkey Club with Onion Rings on the Side

Of course the wife wanted some onion rings, so I got a side of those. 

Turkey Club with Side of French Fries
Turkey Club
She had a Turkey Club sandwich, which looked delicious. My daughter had the hot dog with fries. We finished off with cheese cake and coffee. Once in a while it's nice to treat yourself. 

Next time going to just go with breakfast, but this place was a great find. 

Let me know what you like to do when you get a chance to go out, what do you like to order: fast food, or a restaurant. 



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