Hot Sauce Choices

Hot Sauce Selection

Hot Sauce Choices at Acme Supermarket
There were so many hot sauce choices. From Old Bay to one I'd never heard before called Trappey's.
Trappeys Buffalo Blue and Buffalo Ranch hot sauce
Trappey's Hot Sauce
That one was interesting, offering a blue cheese flavor. But the ingredients didn't say anything about cheese, or milk, so I passed for now. 

Tabasco Smoked Hot Sauce
Tabasco Smoked
Hot Sauce
My go to is usually Tabasco, Smoked. It's a bold flavor, with a smoked undertone. Not a lot of vinegar taste like other hot sauces. I like to put this in my mac and cheese, giving it a smoked surprise. 

I always love seeing what hot sauces are on display. And I really would have loved to try the blue cheese one, but I am out of my Smoked sauce and didn't want to take the chance that it would taste artificial. 

If anyone has heard of, or tried, Trappey's, let me know of it is. I'm interested. I guess I can always just buy a little blue cheese and crumble it on whatever I'm having. 

I have made a mac and cheese before using blue cheese. It added a sophisticated flavor to my favorite. 

Until next time. 



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