It's The Journey

I was listening to a YouTube channel where a guy was talking about his friendship with the Co host of the show (I believe he was the co-host).

They were talking about how they met and they're dreams, and they thought that having the luxury apartment or high paying job was what they wanted. Except they weren't happy, not what they wanted after all. 

I've watched other channels and articles that echo this sentiment; that having a ton of money doesn't always make one happy. 

And even a difficult goal, once achieved, leaves you empty once again after it's completion. 

Because it's all in the journey. 

Ever notice how musicians, or artists starting out have what seems like a hunger? They have nothing, they are struggling to get into the eyes of their fans, to climb higher than any others who are doing what they do. Once they get to some level of achievement, they don't see the same. Maybe a shell of what they were, not as raw, too polished. 

That can be complacency, but other factors could come into play, as well. Like they have people helping and giving input, so what made them in the beginning isn't working now. Or they don't have to fight to the top any longer, they can sit back--of course, until someone else comes along and takes their crown. This is sort of another thought subject, so I'll get back into my main thought. 

The journey can do many things. One of the best things is living through it. 

One example I see might be someone who is more wealthy not being as happy as someone who isn't so well off. Sure, you have to think up ways around daily tasks that money might make easier, but you have your family and friends and the company and life experiences. 

Or maybe there is a big meal that needs to be made, and everything is a mess. You may find you're laughing with those next to you as you run to the supermarket to get that lost ingredient, maybe run twice or three times. One of you is on YouTube looking up how to make that thing you need to cook, while the others are cracking eggs and getting shells in the bowl. Think about the experience getting to the finishing point. 

What is the meaning of life. 

Ah, that age-old question. 

One morning, a long time ago, through the fog of depression with my mom having passed away and things not going to well at school and such, I got into a habit of sleeping days and keeping awake at night. It wasn't good. Of course. There were good parts to it that I dug from the rock, but not healthy--at least the way I was doing it. 

So one morning I see this infomercial (as that was one of the only things really on over night) and I don't remember what the product was, but it's some person asking an omniscient sort of robot about the meaning of life. 

It shows him things, but never gets to the answer on the surface. But in the end, it shows the person that it is in the experiences we have throughout. Those things we build as we go along for our journey. 

Of course there is probably a bit more, but sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. 

I thought a lot about it. Of course I pulled myself out of that state I was in, that's another store--maybe. 

But the journey is what makes life. When you have everything you don't need to struggle, to create, to strive to earn more. 

Now, I'm not saying all wealthy people are unhappy. You just have to get to that next mission, that next goal and stay humble. If you're asking, well, does someone really need all that money, well, you can give it back. But that, of course, is another thought. lol. 

For now, think about that. Stop, look around when you think things aren't going well for you. Who is around you? Family, friends. And set your goal. And work toward it. 

And live life. 



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