Blaze Your Own Path

I've seen so many things during my journey to becoming an author, and be able to sustain myself (That's the ultimate plan). 

During this voyage I've witnessed hidden lessons, had many great experiences, some not so great--but a lesson was still to be learned: one that comes to mind is iPublish. 

I really don't want to be run of the mill, standing in the shadows of others while they blaze a path through the tall grass of sucess, grateful I don't have to do any heavy lifting. 

It's not always heavy lifting, though. It comes down to being you. And that should be pretty easy. 

I want to be that person hacking and slashing through the brush to make my own unique style. If others want to follow, that's up to them. But I'd encourage them to cut their own path, as well. 

If you listen to Korn what stands out are the vocals and sound. The bass has a distinct click that others try to replicate. A loose string sound that you know is the band when you hear it. 

Type O Negative has a very unique sound, as well. Peter Steele's bass, R.I.P., has a distinctive distortion that makes the sound of the band. 

50 Cent had a sound to his voice, as did Notorious B.I.G., to where others have tried to replicate to minor if no success. 

Others can copy, and some may get close, but only the ones blazing their path know the next direction through the brush. They don't have a map, they look at a frame and see the finished structure. 

It comes natural. And what's more, when you do your own thing it's never forced, or slow, because you know the next move. Almost like a muse that sets you in motion, it just feels natural. 

And I'm not saying to think, what would I do, meaning you thinking that about what you would do. Because you should know what you would do next. 

Of course there will be times when you look up the advice of others, you don't want to go blindly into this, but once you see what has been done, the limits, you will know what your next move will be to set your own. 

Something to think about going into the new week. 

And I don't think the path is the New York City subway system, just thought it was a cool pic. And perhaps one possible path to take. 



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