Calorie Deficit and Still Okay

1000 Calorie Deficit

It hasn't been too bad over this past month using the Fitbit app calorie counter. 

I know Weight Watchers is pretty much the same thing, except they use points instead of counting calories. Makes it easier for someone to just get on with the day and not have to worry about counting and looking up calories, but I'm going to stick to the Fitbit for now. 

I'll admit, it can be a pain when an item isn't in the Fitbit database. But it's not too bad. I have food that I eat often that goes under the Favorites, or Most Logged. So it's not too hard to find most of the time. 

Bringing my lunch to work

Been saving a lot of money bringing in two sandwiches a day. Almond butter with a bit of honey. I use Martin's potato bread. My wife also makes some coffee in the morning and puts it in a Klean Kanteen, which keeps it hot all morning, and sometimes It's stayed decently warm into the afternoon. It's about two cups, and I'd say saves an average of 5 to 7 dollars on coffee in the city. Lunch is expensive in the city, too. 


Coming home, I had a couple cans of tuna, with a little mayonnaise, some chips, and a couple pieces of Valentine's chocolate. 

Bumble bee light Tuna in water is surprisingly low in calories, and I had so many calories leftover from having walked over 10,000 steps that I was able to enjoy myself a bit. Nothing too crazy, but I didn't have to be strict--which is how I like it. 

Even with the 1000 calorie deficit, I had a decent dinner and over 1000 calories I still could have eaten. Not too bad. This will go up before midnight, but that's about what I could have had. And If I want a little bit more, I just have to do more steps, or exercise. 

Some days I'm weak, not today. 

But even on those weak days. Just let yourself fail, and then get back on and continue. 


Different fonts for different subject labels. When it's Courier, it's writing. Ariel for other posts. I don't know. Let's see how it goes. 

Talk soon. 



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