I Feel Robbed! Update to Sprint Note 9 Android 10 update

Well, sort of. I have the Sprint Note 9 and February 24th has come and gone.

While I read that some Note 9s have been updating, I have not received my update. 

What has happened is my wife's S9+ got the update. I came home from work and checked and it was there. Downloaded and running.

So something happened today in the way of updates, just not on my Note 9. 

Well, the 25th is going to be another day of checking over and over throughout the day, I guess. Should be coming very soon. 

I'll keep you posted. 

If you've received the update already, then congratulations. Enjoy. 


3/4/2020 5:56pm

So it's been a few days since the update and I'm loving it so far. There are a few very minor issues, but nothing huge.

I'm going to use it a bit more and then write what I think. The video editing I wanted to do worried me at first, then I saw its use, and now it's great. 

Thoughts coming soon. 



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