Locke and Key Review

Another haunted house? 

Gary and I recently watched a little of the new series Locke and Key by Joe Hill.

For those who don't know, he is Stephen King's son, and has had a few novels and short story collections out already.

The series is on Netflix, which means the whole first season is up. As I believe is mostly the case with Netflix.

A bit more complicated

In the review on the YouTube channel, I say it seems like another haunted house story, and it is, but with a bit more to it. 

Children always freshen things with horror, and while I tend not to like the clichés that come alone with teens and school, if not focused on too much, it's okay. Or if there is a reason, like we're seeing through the eyes of the student. 

I haven't watched the whole series just yet, but plan to.

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