Weekly Musings 4/21/2017

Another week down, more crazy news, more writing done. Not as much as I'd like. 

I am still tinkering with this blog, have an idea about what it's about. I've decided i'm going to try and post at least once a day. 

One day will be a movie review of some sort. 

Another day will be a book review, linked to www.unnervingmagazine.com where I review new and about to be released books. 

Friday's i'll have a weekly musing, like this one, attempting to summarize the week and what went down--hopefully tying it all up. If possible, with some sort of insight, or internal lesson. 

On another day, and these will be random, I will have a bit of micro fiction from something that happened to me, or a dream I had--nightmare. Or even just something I saw that didn't seem right... 

I'm working on having guest bloggers on, one possibly my writing bud Gary Buller. Ideally we would both post on each other's site--we'll see where that goes. 

Let's see how devoted I can keep to it all before going berserk. Who knows, maybe this blog will be a compliment to a YouTube channel, or vise versa. Sky's the limit, baby. 

I hope to get some input from readers about what you want to read. If I have a direction, things will just get more focused. And I can't fully fine tune content without you. So, in the comments, let me know what you want to hear, what you dig, what you may want to know and I'll get to researching it and do my best to post an article with as much info as possible. 

Until tomorrow. Keep doing what you do. 



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