Weekly Musings 4/14/2017

Hello, another Friday passes, ushering out another week of madness at the day job. When you have to juggle both writing and a job to get things done it becomes challenging, like working two jobs. Writing is round-the-clock, though. You get an idea, you jot it down. You think about that scene for the book you're working on, or a new character that would be perfect for the short story your re-writing. 

This is also a holy week, if you practice Judaism (Passover) or Christianity (Easter). The Stock Market is off so most banks and financial institutions are closed. That trickles down to me, having off Friday. More time to write. It's also been good during the week, because it had been slower and I was able to jot things down, or edit here and there. 

I'm sitting outside a Starbucks near where i live, the cafĂ© I usually haunt taking a break from my presence haha. Late i'll probably be in the attic, working on a few things. The reality is most of this was typed out Thursday. Writing isn't so much the inception as it is the subsequent editing and submitting. Two jobs that meld into one. You can learn from both. I guess, just like you can learn from your day job, as well. How people talk, or different situations that may come up. How to handle things and keep a consistent schedule. 

I say, everything happens for a reason. And even though I joke about my job holding me back (which at times it really does), I still believe there to be an opportunity to stop, look around and gather as much info as you can to use later. You never know when that day off may come. 

Keep writing.



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