Pet (Movie Review)

Pet, directed by Carles Torrens, written by Jeremy Slater, Stars Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo, Jennete McCurdy. 

Leaving me amazed at the twists subtly presented throughout, Dominic Monaghan, of LOST fame, plays the good-guy-until-not amazingly well. 

Pet progresses its audience from insane to pure psychotic as we see Dominic's character, Seth running into a crush from back in school on a ride home from work. 

He becomes obsessed, then rejected--and we all know those two things don't mix in a movie with this formula. 

When Ksenia's character, Holly, refuses his advances, he kidnaps and holds her captive beneath the animal shelter where he works. 

This movie took turns that were both expected and not expected, but the ending was where it strayed from the formula and made its mark. 

At first I was confused, but it quickly dawned on me what had happened. You might go back once or twice to see where the pieces fit. 

The ending, while not the greatest of epiphanies, gets you thinking. 

The acting was really good, Ksenia plays her captive roll well, slowly trecking into insanity with ease. Her eyes tell you she's nutty--awesome stuff. 

If you want a darn good abduction movie with a horrific twist, check this flick out. 

There's even a little homage to LOST in the beginning. See if you can spot it. 


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