Decisions Desisions--Deciding What To Post

Deciding what to post isn't as easy as I thought; What works, what doesn't. What sparks interest in a reader to keep them coming back? 

I don't want to be boring, with crap already  known, rambling on about only myself, yet don't want to be too advanced, either,  where new writers can't benefit. When starting this, I wanted to document the process of becoming a writer independent of a day job. That can be many things--not always a successful one. But I wanted to let people reading (and myself, when looking back on this) see each stage and the feelings that go along with it. 

I got to thinking maybe life stories would be interesting, my day to day. Inspiring stories, or life lessons. Some may tie into writing; some chalked up to half-truth fiction created to tell a bigger story. Or maybe some techniques I've discovered. I have published a few stories thus far--even if the advice is unorthodox, if the writer has had some success, it's probably a wise thing to at least listen to what he/she has to say. 

I feel a blog is for release, though, I want to use it to keep myself writing, continually learning from editing and continuous posts, hopefully getting faster at it. Better. 

Have to see what gains popularity, or what I feel comfortable with. I have a few ideas already for a story, let's see what comes. 

If anyone has ideas, or wish to guest post, with reciprocation, let me know it the comments, or an email. 

Until then, keep writing. Or whatever your creative self does. 



Unknown said…
Hey Will, if you think something is interesting/funny, etc then the chances are someone else will too. Don't try to guess what the audience wants, write like no one's gonna read it... S.E.C.
William said…
Excellent advice! Thank you!

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