Weekly Musing 4/28/2017

Another week coming to an end. 

I've thought about this blog. And have put some ideas to the test. The Wednesday weird news is basically going to be something wacky, maybe trending, can tie in with horror in some way. 

I will also try to write a piece of micro fiction from the weird news story I report. As a challenge. 

About the flash, there is no limit to the size. So if the feeling strikes... Also, I may post two a week. Have to see if they come to me. I do claim copyright. 

If you want, you can put your own flash to share in the comments. 

Or, you can let me know what you want to hear about. 

I will be attempting an overhaul of my site, as well, to make it easier all around to find things. Like fiction will be in one section, and other categories in their own place. 

I've been pretty good keeping up with my plan of at least one post a day. Maybe I can up that. Lets see. If I see there is an extreme yearning, that you can't go on without me, i'll post more. Heck, if there's that much love, i'll post more than twice haha. 

I'm not joking. 

This stuff gets easier when you know you have an audience waiting to hear what you have to say. It also becomes more interesting. 
So, if you love this stuff, please comment below and follow me with the links to the right. 

Talk soon. 



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