Split (Movie Review)

I was on the fence about Split by M. Night Shyamalan, staring James McAvoy, Anya Taylor, Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula. 

Let me say, I like Shyamqlan's movies, a lot. A few have been a bit disappointing. Not in a this-movie-totally-sucked way, but not able to live up to the unexpected twist that pretty much put him on the map from The Sixth Sense. Let me be clear, his movies are great. When one comes out, I watch it. He just set the bar freaking high for himself is all. 

With that out of the way, I enjoyed Split a lot. It is a new way of Shyamalan telling the story. It shows an evolution in his storytelling. 

The actor who plays the main antagonist, James McAvoy, does a great job switching through many characters, sometimes on the fly, and does so in a very believable way. For me, a lot of this movie is what it is because of this. 

The other actors were pretty great too, believable and not clichéd. There were moments, though. But it didn't detract from the story. 

The movie is about a character who has multiple personalities. He abducts three teens for a yet to be known reason he reveals as the movie progresses. Each of these characters, to different degrees, play a roll in the movie, ultimately leading up to a very important twist at the end. 

The tension was kept high as most abduction movies usually do, sometimes intense. There are Shyamalan moments, but he was able to keep me in the world he created without pushing me too far out. He even has a cameo, as he does in all his movies I've seen. 

Of course there is a twist at the end, but this is, in my opinion, dwarfed by end even bigger twist just before the closing credits. It was truly an "oh shit!" moment. I will not spoil it. 

All in all, I enjoyed this movie a great deal, and really can't wait to see what is done with the "oh shit!" twist. 

I recommend watching this movie. 



Unknown said…
Interesting did you watch it more than once. Watch it again and see if you catch something different.i Haven't seen it yet but I will.

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