All for Science (Flash Fiction)

It started as an experiment. No one was supposed to know they started testing on humans. Then it went to premature babies. They did it out of the country so there were no intrusions. Everything unrestricted. 

Things were okay until they wanted to bring it back to the states. 

That was a no no. 

I ran the group that transitioned into the human studies, only one was above me, and he was the funding. 

As things became intense, I found myself fielding questions from many organizations, trying to keep my head above water and not get into too many lawsuits. 

Very soon things went south fast, and I was disappointed with the manner in which our financier was acting. 

We needed test subjects, but no one wanted to volunteer after they found out what we were trying to do. 

We were testing an alternative to cryogenic suspension. You saw this in movies like Alien and the other one where the couple woke up way too early amongst a group of travelers to another part of the universe. 

It was within our grasp. But I got ahead of myself, perhaps insulted the wrong people. 

I twitch every now and again. I must admit, it feels strange floating like this. We weren't supposed to have the lights on, but he preferred it that way. Staring at me, floating here in the fluid. How long can he keep me like this? Do I deserve this? Does he know that I can still feel and see? Oh, this was all a mistake, a big mistake. But I've learned so much first hand. 

No matter, feeding time. The tube entering my stomach pumps nourishment that I feel as it's injected. Another thing aspect that is all wrong with this procedure. If the patient wakes, everything is ruined. 

Oh well, they figured out how to keep me unconscious, for the most part. 

See, that was the big thing. Could you still feel in this state? The goal was to not have the person feel too much, so they can stay in a deep sleep. But I feel everything. They even found a way to read my thoughts. I see him printing them out and reading them every day. 

Ah, I see the smile spreading across his wrinkly face. I see now what this is. I am a test subject. Just a test. Though I realize this will not end well for me. 

As the mechanical arms maneuver and begin to pull me apart, I feel everything. The various wires and electrodes record the whole experience as my brain lights up with a pain that must be what a fetus feels when being ripped apart in a late-term abortion. 

But it's all for science. At least I won't be dying in vain. 
"That's the last thing she thought." 

"Very well." 

"Sir? What would you like me to do with the data?" 

"Destroy it... Destroy it all."


William Marchese 


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