Challenge Yourself (Motivational)

This is a post about challenging yourself to do more. To try harder to get the dream you want done.

When you see famous actors or writers living it up and wish you could be there, but then put down the article you're reading and click on the TV, does that get you anywhere?

Yeah, you come home late from a hard day's work. In before the sun, out when it's just about to set. You're exhausted. That new episode of (insert favorite show here) is on. Damn, you just want to kick back with some fast food and relax before the next grueling day. Right?

Well, most people (and I say most because, of course, there are those occasions where the public figure was born into their situation), most are working their asses off trying to get things together. 

Maybe a blog (wink), maybe a TV script, anything. They work one, or two hours on it. They go to bed with no reward. Just an unspoken promise that maybe one day they will have their stuff out there. 

Perhaps they see the odds are against them. They worked so hard for months, maybe years, to produce one novel, and it still needs work, only to find they're going to need to produce something new at least every 6 months, if not faster than that.

Many will give up, drop off. But the ones who really want this will stick to it.
It's not easy. 

About the reward thing. You get an instant reward when you watch your favorite shows, eat some delicious food. You've worked hard and these are the fruits of your labor--even though it's not too healthy at times (smiles).

It is just that much harder to pick up something you've been toiling with and say, "I'm going to do this," than to plop down on the couch and shove a burger down your throat to this weeks episode of American Idol. Putting time and energy into you're dream is a hard task.

You don't have to give everything up, but there should be sacrifice if you plan on getting anywhere with your dreams.

Keep Writing.



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