Friday Update

I’m going to try something new, to see if I can post more often to this blog--maybe once a week on Friday when I do my weekly writing session in a café before my miserable walk into work. There has been a lot of news I have not really talked about. One big bit of news is I had a story accepted into Unnerving Magazine titled Daddy. Not totally sure when this is coming out, sometime in the summer/fall.

I am very excited for this news, yet feel shackled as well. Let me explain. So with each step forward, I become more confident, but I also realize how much my job is holding me down. That is the dilemma. The bills still need to be paid.

I am also doing a guest host stint with Jessie Dedman on The Deadman's Tome. I have published with Jessie in two anthologies, great issues: the Krampus issue and No Safe Word--I submitted a flash piece for each.

On top of all this, I am doing reviews for Unnerving Magazine. The way I look at it, I am attempting to force myself to read. As times goes on and this extra reading becomes the norm, I will squeeze in other reading from more established writers, as well.

So as I have said before in this post, things can get a bit tight. I do certain bits here and there. When I get up; during my train commute; at work when it's less busy; on my cell before passing out from exhaustion (and then my cell falls onto my face and I find sometime at 2pm I haven't plugged it in to charge).
But I admit, at times it is fun to try and figure out how to fit everything into such a tight schedule.

I have also created a writing group with a bunch of great writers from my Twitter adventures. We hang in a group message on Twitter. This has greatly improved my output of writing and reading. Some among us share stories and critique each other. This is necessary if you want to make a living from this. I used to have a fear of criticism, but as I grow as a writer I realize this is necessary. Millions of people will one day read your words, and some will love it and other will not. But that's okay. We all have opinions. 

Well, this week has been rough, very busy at work. Hopefully next week will be better. Sorry I rushed this post. 

Now I'm off to write. See you on the show tonight. I'll try to post links later on Twitter. 



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