Motivation Monday 1/22/2018

It's Monday and I have jury duty. (update: didn't have to go, apparently you call in the day before to make sure your number has to come in. Maybe tomorrow) I can take notes and edit on my phone. Also, I have to finish up the cover for the next anthology. 

I'm thinking today about that transition that happens when you're an "indie" author (I hate that title) and moving into success. 

Hey, it could happen to anyone of us, at any moment. One day you're working your rear off and then BAM "We would like to offer you a deal, sign right here." 

I've seen some go from communicating on social media, to seeming so busy they have no time for anything, like saying "hey." 

They become a digital face on Twitter staring back with a neat little smile. Occasionally you'll get that tweet with a brief update, they're excited, and so on. 

It's almost like a course you're put through. You must do this, you are a product now. Do not talk here, post this, only this. 

And I know, this isn't always the case. 

But sometimes it seems you're pulled out of the pool, to undergo some sort of a makeover? And all the other hungry writers watch as you are hauled away with yearning expressions. 

Then you come back. You're shiny and new. Perhaps someone is manning the Twitter handle now, of course because you now have no time, you have to write and edit all that good stuff that goes with it. 

Of course I'm kidding, but who knows? At times it appears this way. 

Then one day you're back. You talk to others, but maybe it's brief. Maybe they made new friends in the pool, plugging away day in and day out, during pee breaks at 3am. Maybe they have no more time for you. But that's okay, right? You've made it. 

And you're there, lonely. Only one thing to do. Write. Edit. 

Is it all by plan? Is there a cabal of literary overlords who plan this to make you a writing machine? 


What do you think? Would you gladly go with that claw that's about to pull you out of the muck, or would you push it away and stick around in the mire? 

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese



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