Friday Musings 1/5/2018

It's already the 5th of January, in 2018. Time is flying by. 

Submitting work and waiting for it can make time seem to go by faster. I find I gauge my time in life on submissions sent out. Projects usually take a certain amount of time, and then after they're done, the next mission starts. 

The clock keeps ticking. 

It can make time seem like a track you stay on to get to each project. 

And I think of how I'm not really making anything just yet, but I'm working on that part. 

I find myself researching publications with a few things in mind: 

How much do they pay? HWA says start from the top and move down. But always try to obtain payment. Don't sell yourself short. Though, sometimes there is a need to get published, even without compensation. There are promising start-ups, or big names that can get you in front of the eyes of many. Research! 

How long they take to respond, or if they have a decent track record. 

And one other of probably a few more factors I look for is what they publish. It's important to know. Because if you're going to be waiting anywhere from two weeks to two months, you want to know you aimed true and knew what you were submitting to. Otherwise you're just throwing rocks in the dark. 

Do you send your work out simultaneously, or one by one? How long is too long to wait? When do you move on to another place? Oh, and do you tell a publication that has taken more than three months that you are submitting somewhere else, or even have been accepted elsewhere? 

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 



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