Monday Motivation 1/8/2018

Can you believe we're already at the 8th of the new year? 

I'm thinking about a few things this Monday. Getting through the week and writing. Typing this out on my cell at work. 

Still waiting on a submission I sent out in early December, and working on another last night,among a few others. 

And I'm here sneaking out this post during the day job. 

It gets down to a sort of grind. 

Daily life, family, work etc. 

Writing, reading, editing, repeat. 

Send out every now and again, reflect on where you are, where you want to go. Shift expectations. Continue back at Daily life. 

It just keeps going. There are some deviations to this, but for the most know. 

I suppose this is how some writers decide if they're going to keep pushing forward, or call it quits. 

How do you cope with the this? Does it drive  you crazy? And, as always, I still say to keep moving forward--you have to keep positive. But does it sometimes make you want to throw in the towel? 

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