Midweek Thoughts 1/10/2018

Don’t throw that story out to the world so fast. Give it time. Some take many months working on a short story. Some can write one in a week. But how can you tell when a story is finished?
I feel a story tells me when it’s done. Like, not literally, but, well, maybe? If writers hear voices and talk to themselves, then just maybe... 

(I know I wasn't supposed to tell them about you, oh come on, they think this paragraph is a pathetic joke by some new blogger. Shhhhh.)
Well, moving on. If you send out a project prematurely you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Deadlights, I mean Deadlines. Yeah. 

Ah, but that brings back good memories. 

One time I wrote a story for an anthology. There was pressure for time, and my day job had become nuts, like usual. I couldn’t completely wrap my mind around completing this story. Plus, I was overworking to make up for less skills, because there were things I learned later that made the process a lot easier. 

Sometimes deadlines don't work out, especially if they move closer than the deadline you were already set on. 
A perfect storm, some might say. Either way, I still had something decent for that anthology, and that story was featured on the That Horrible Woman's podcast. So there’s that.

I've read about and talked to writers who like deadlines to make them buckle down. 

I tend, even with deadlines, to let my subconscious work things out, later I rush, but if everything goes smooth, I have things already constructed. 

Waiting brought about situations I saw in life that screamed, "Hey! Look! This will work for that story you've got going!" In those moments I knew there had been a reason to procrastinate. 
I feel there are no rules with this, sometimes it presents itself easily, sometimes it doesn’t. You will know when it’s done. It just feels right. There will be a fullness to your mind.
Do you rush your project because there is no time? Do get frustrated and want to start the next story in the middle of the first and never complete it?
Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 



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