Friday Musings 1/19/2018

This Friday I am thinking about the different methods and styles of writing a story.

I try to mix it up a bit with each story. It’s basically the same finish point, and my voice is the same for the most part, but I try different tactics to get things together.

For instance. Dean Koontz writes his stories one page at a time, not moving forward until that first page is perfect. Stephen King just jumps in and writes as much as he can, letting the characters do their thing. Whatever outcome will come. J. K. Rowling has a board and plan of action for her stories.

I am currently on a first draft of a short where I’m using a more Stephen King approach. So far it’s going well. I noticed a lot more dialogue is taking place with this approach, as though the characters are talking their way about, through my fingers.

I liken what I’m doing, switching things up a bit, to musicians when they try different styles of music. You’ll get rockers playing reggae, or incorporating different genres of music into their work. I’ve seen in hip hop artists rapping in different styles, to show their versatility. 

I don’t think what I'm doing is too far off. The only bad thing is it may prove more challenging when selling a story, because, if you think about it, I’m almost starting from scratch.

Each method and style has different nuances, different hidden meanings that can take shape. And it is a fun learning experience attempting to master these different methods.

I’ll probably use a bit of each, or one here and there, as I get better at things. Sometimes, perhaps, a story may call for a particular style of being told. I will have these loaded into my subconscious so I will know when to use what when the time comes.

How do you write? Do you have a tried and true method you employ over and over, or do you mix it up and try to learn something new?

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese

Until next time.



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