Monday Motivation 1/1/2018

Happy New Year! 

Personification? How do you perceive yourself? 

Like if you see yourself as Tony Stark before you sit down and start creating, you can get things done thinking you have your stuff together. 

Or if you have a negative appearance of yourself, it may be a bit hard to create or get things done. 

This can fall under muse, as well. Because if Tony Stark visits to help build your project like he built Iron Man, then you see where that's going, right? 

If you have a negative muse show up, maybe someone who always told you your endeavors are impossible, then you won't get anything started, let alone out to the public. This can be someone who told you this at some point in time, and their words embody an anti-muse of sorts. 

Who do you see yourself as when you create? Who or what is your muse that comes along when your start to create? Or do you feel the anti-muse from time to time? 

It's a new year and time to sort things out. 

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