Midweek Thoughts 1/31/2018

Writing realistic speach. 

I try to write dialogue as realistic as possible, but there has to be a limit where you stop, because conversation in general is long and unfocused for the most part. 

I’ve read a lot of articles confirming people are boring when they talk. There is a bunch of silence and ums and uhs. Sometimes people don’t talk at all. 

I remember when I was in my teens, even a bit older, too, just sitting there on the phone with a friend. You watched TV, listened to music--what have you. 

Sometimes I’d pick up the phone and naturally we’d say hey and go into the silence. It was sort of like hanging out.
Back to the point. 

Conversation can be boring. 

Now, some of the UHs and Ums might work, not too much stuttering, maybe a little going back and forth before the pay-off sentence is spoken? 

Like, instead of saying: 

“I really like you.” 

“I really like you, too” 

It can go: 

“I really,” he looked down, back up. Her large eyes were wide, seeming more eager than her ears.e


“What I mean is, well--you know-” 

“Spit it out!” 

“I like you.” 

Their lips met. 

“That’s good, cause I like you, too.” 

More sentences? 


Sorry, that example was a bit rushed. 

But it sounds more real. And you might be able to cut some of that, or mix in action to break it up. But to make it real without excess garbage, a lot of things have to go into play. 

I sometimes talk to myself, as both characters. Sometimes I look, to myself, like those actors who rehears their lines? It’s strange, and I feel strange after, but it brings out realistic speech. 

You have to be careful, too. Because you could have a realistic, raw, speech exchange going on and mess it up by editing the crap out of it. 

Be careful. 

How do you write dialogue? Do you talk to yourself? Do you write it straight forward, or break it up for realism? 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @Wcmarchese@

See you there. 



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