Midweek thoughts

This Wednesday I am thinking about self editing and if you know enough to do so. 

Have you ever had that moment where something just doesn't seem right? 

Well, that may be exactly that. Something isn't right. And if you can't find it, mark the part and show it to someone. Or you can rewrite the part. But don't settle. Your subconscious is telling you something isn't right. 

It could be the difference between being published and not. 

There are those who have no confidence in their editing, and don't have the luxury of a group. These writers pay someone. But don't be duped. 

I've heard a friend say they were charged over a thousand dollars and didn't get their work back for better part of a year, if I remember correctly. 
You don't have to have expert editing skills to make common sense choices. You just need an eye and experience. As you write more, you will aquire the skills. There are also plenty of books that teach the basics. 

Another great way to obtain editing experience is through feedback. Of course you have to run into the right editor, or have your manuscript chosen at least as a possible choice to be accepted. Those bits of nuggets are golden in teaching you what editors are looking for. 
So, wait, all that stuff writers say about you should read as much as possible, that's true, isn't it?


All you need to write is in your hand. But you have to do it alot. Because the exercise of reading implants the styles and methods into your head for your mind to use later. You can recall who did what and what styles you're using. Or perhaps an angle you want to take.

All in all, I feel it is very possible to get yourself to a point where you can get enough editing done to have it OK to send in. Make some writer friends, though. They are invaluable in this career.

What do you think? Do you do your own edits? Pay? Have a writing group lend a pair of eyes? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 



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