Monday Motivation 1/29/2018

Monday is here, and it will be gone just as fast. Dont fret.

Something that's been on my mind this weekend is how to structure stories. Meaning how to go about it? 

Vague, sorry. 

I know it has to feel natural. Some like to just tell the story flat out, and then in other paragraphs/chapters go back and tell the different parts. Past or future. 

Some like to go back and forth inside the sentence and tell a story within the story.

Perhaps similar to small frame stories throughout? 

If not done natural, or this does not work out smoothly, it can confuse the reader.

I've seen writers execuexe this in different ways, perhaps it's just the easiest way they see fit to tell the tale. 

Their voice.

How do you go about it? Have you found your voice, or are you still searching? Does this Monday post even make sense to this frazzeled Monday-mind? 

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese

Hope to see you there.



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