Midweek Thoughts 1/24/2018

Made it to midweek. Got picked for a trial. Jury duty. 

I’m thinking about social media. Yup. That thing that captures way too much of your time when you should be doing the thing you are posting and boasting about.

And who are you advertising to? Well, if you’re a beginner, most likely other writers and artists.

Nothing wrong with that, but there is a way, or ways, to get things out there and still make time for your writing and other activities.

After all, if you don’t do those things that you are posting about, what will you be posting for? That one story you did 3 or 4 years ago?


You have to create, and get things completed.


Then you can mess around, talk to buds, retweet and all that good stuff.

Blog posts, like this one, are a good way to show a presence and keep in touch with like-minded individuals. And to even find out what people are up to, or how they go about their craft in their own methods.

The whole point of Twitter, when you first start, is to get known, to garner followers and build a presence. This way, when you go to an agent, or when they shop you around to a publishing house--or you just skip the agent in the beginning and go straight to the publishing house--they can see how much/well you write, or how many individuals you know.

Not saying Twitter is the best at gauging this, speaking of potential paying customers, but I try to weed out the fake accounts from real people and such. And by that point you might have already gained actual readers with short stories and engaging in meaningful conversation. 

How do you use social media, and what, exactly, do you use it for? What do you expect to gain from it?

Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese. 



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