Monday Motivation 11/6/2017

I say often to those who fail to save their work, or to those who's computer crashes, that it happens for a reason. And I do believe that. Yet when it happens to you it's totally different. 

But it may just be a sign. 

It's happened to me before, and as far as I can remember, it's always worked out for the better, especially if you get down and work hard to redo the lost work. Most of the time you end up creating something even better. 

Just recently I received notes from fellow writers in my group about a short story I'm working on. One if them told me something about the ending which caused me to realize something. I then outlined a better ending. 

I don't remember if I replied to them with it, or if I wrote it down somewhere, but I lost the info. 

So, I got myself into the exact same situation I tell people is no big deal. I had no other choice but to dig into the practice of redoing what I had already done. 

I looked over the info I had and got to work. I moved paragraphs around, sentences were restructured and moved, and got to a point where I am even happier than before. 

I think sometimes these things happen for a reason. Perhaps the universe knows there is a better option, and throws signs. Whatever you believe in. It's happened, so make the best of it. 

I've read you can write a whole story, loose it, and your subconscious will remember everything. All the things you did before. Except just as your work would have evolved as you edited the prose originally, your mind may have already done most of that subconsciously. 

Either way, don't loose hope if you loose something. I take it as a sign. 

Sit yourself down in front of that story (or whatever you're working on), and force yourself. Look at the screen. Don't move. Eventually you'll get going and you'll see just how much your subconscious can work for you. 

Have you ever had this happen? Have you been able to recreate the lost info, maybe better than before? Let me know with a comment below, or send a tweet my way with your experience. I'll be sure to answer back. 

Now enjoy your Monday! 



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