Friday Musings 11/17/2017

One more week until Thanksgiving. Next Musing will be Black Friday. I’ll work that day, but it will be like getting paid for nothing. The highways are free flowing and Manhattan is a ghost town.

Well, except for retail outlets. Those I wouldn’t go within at least a 30 foot radius. Even though there are things wrong with it, and we probably won’t even fully understand what those things are for years to come, I still find solace in shopping online. 

Last week I had a story release in Aphotic Realm Banished. I'm pushing hard on the final level of a story I’m working on for Crystal Lake Publishing titled The Cat. And I'm almost done with editing the stories for Deadman’s Tome Christmas Cthulu. 

So many things going on, you’d think I was doing a full time job, but all that goes on in between (lunch) and after (editing until I wake up at 2 in the morning wondering why my phone is in bed with me, or why my laptop has been drained). The main job keeps me alive, for now. And I do believe it's actually killing me, as well (wink). 

Sometimes it’s not easy to stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes. But it needs to be done. I hear it all the time, I’ve given up this, or that. TV, video games, etc.
But you must relax, have some sort of release, or you run the risk of burning yourself out. Then you might look at the writing, or whatever your dream is, as a chore. And that’s no Bueno. 

I give myself a soft deadline, just so there is some structure. But if I feel a story isn’t at a level I want it to send, I won’t. At least not anymore—at least if I have a say haha. 

It just won’t work. And I feel there is always a reason that things happen. Something missing in your project that when implanted later makes it that much better. Of course writers never feel their work is perfect, anyway. But that's another post. 

Of course there are always things you can do to improve your work, and you’ll know in your heart when it’s truly ready. Or maybe not. But that’s another post, as well.

Until then, do yourself a favor and stop and smell those roses. You’ll live longer. And you just may find your real job, your dream, benefit from this as well. 



Unknown said…
Smell my brown rose

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