Monday Motivation 11/13/2017

When you have nothing left, things don't seem to be going right. You're tired. It's Monday... There's something that can keep you going.

Some call it their muse. That inner voice, calling out to you to do your thing. It can feel like a good friend has come to visit when this denizen of creativity appears. Let it happen. 

Embrace it. 

When it comes to some they get giddy, overcome with emotions. Because it's back. You see? And it's going to help. He/she/whatever it may be. 

This Monday, don't just think it's about starting a week at work, and you've got nothing done. Take out that story you've been editing (or movie, or anything you've been doing) and get to work. Your muse will be out soon. Listen to what they say. You may like what you hear.



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