Friday Musings 11/3/2017

So you want to be a writer. You want to write that piece that everybody fawns over. Right? 

Be honest with yourself. 

Of course you do. That's what we're all striving for endlessly posting on Twitter and Facebook, etc. Searching for the coveted formula that pushes you into super stardom. 

And where, exactly, can you find this formula you ask? Is it listening to what others tell you--and knowing when not to listen? Is it knowing when something doesn't work and just nixing the whole thing and starting over? Is it constantly learning new things every day, and not saying, "Oh, I already have what I need?" maybe all of that and maybe none of that. 

You see, there is no specific formula for anyone. Writing is like what they call in the gaming world "grinding." You do little things, learn things, read, put out posts, get reactions, then having built enough power to put out a short story, novella, or even a full novel. 

There are those who call themselves Indie Authors and Publishers, who put out their own work without a "traditional publisher." But you have to remember, if you aren't editing with the eyes of a hawk, you run the risk of putting out sub par work, and there will be no filter to catch things. You run the risk of looking like an amateur to a reader, who will simply move on to the next story/author. You must edit and edit some more. And then keep editing. 

Even when submitting to a traditional publisher. They will scrutinize your work with extreme ruthlessness. And that makes sense. They want to make money, and rightly so. It's their occupation. Don't you want it to be yours? 

If you can capture one reader, maybe a dozen, build on that.  Make them yearn for the next story, then you've figured out a piece of what it takes. 

I've argued that there is a correct way to write, and in order to break the rules you have to know how to do that--what they are--or close to it. And I still believe this. Too many just hide behind that saying. Oh, well, I'm bending the rules, when they have no idea what the rules even are. 

Listen. That's up to them. It's like trying to loose weight. If you tell yourself, oh, I've lost ten pounds, see? When you're shoveling food down your throat. The only one you're fooling is yourself. 

If the reader doesn't like what you put out, the reader doesn't come back. Simple as that. If you want to make a living off of this, you have to be good at it and make the reader want what you're writing. At least good enough to make them want more. There are many ways to go about this, you have to find your path. And if you want to make a fortune at this, you have to find the formula that works best for you, and test it, fail, test it again. And take chances with new styles, or points of view. 

I have an idea. It's been building ever since my first acceptance--and I thank those who have accepted me dearly for giving me a chance, from the bottom of my heart. 

There will probably come a point where you say, hmmm, am I really cut out for this? You have to be honest with yourself. You'll figure it out. I have faith in you. 

Now get to writing. 

And leave a comment below, or on Twitter, if you liked this, or want to read something else. A subject I may know about or can do some research on. We can both learn something new. Or if you just want to tell me about your formula. Remember, it's not like you're giving away a top secret. What works for you, may not work for anyone else. Though, you may help someone,  with a certain aspect of your routine, to devise their own. 

And that's a truly beautiful thing to help another. 



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