Friday Musings 11/10/2017

The news today can be a landmine of information. If you're not careful, Boom! You've just succumbed to someone's opinion, or read a story that has half truths to it. All designed to in site feelings and sculpt what you think. Not all do this, but most do. 

Reading news should be, in my opinion, a well rounded practice of reading from a few different angles. Some news outlets are bent a certain way, whether it be "left" or "right." So you want to try and obtain the full picture. Read the same story from a few sources.  

It's OK to have opinions, no problem at all. Just remember there may be downfalls to how you express them. 

When you use the brand you have built to preach about views and ideology, then you run the risk of alienating your fans. 

Most consumers of entertainment do not want to get caught up in politics, or current events. Most of the time these are depressing stories to the consumer who are probably trying to escape it all in the first place. 

If that's what you want to do, so be it. If you're starting out, tying to build a name for yourself, or your brand, it could be a shot in the foot.  So be careful. 

I've seen people get so heated they start posting without checking over their content. You see it on TV with stars and such, and you've even seen it with the President who tweets on a regular basis and stirs emotions in many--good or bad. 

You can alienate a big portion of your fans. 

This information applies to anything. Writing, acting, YouTube stars, etc. You can always express yourself in your work, or on a private (or just separate) social media account. But be wary, you might not want certain things bleeding over into your brand. 

I've seen books and stories where personal interests are written into the work. This runs the risk of being preachy. A story with the view of one group, or person, may come across in a bad light to another group. Or potential customers. 

For instance, say a certain view or belief is written into a piece that exposes too much of the creators opinion. 

The characters should have equal room to express their opinions in the stories, or else you run the risk of, again, preaching your ideology. 

Who cares! You might say. That's what I wanted to convey! And like I said before, i'm not arguing. That's fine. But if you're here to make something, to create art for people of all walks of life can consume, then you have to be careful is all i'm saying. 

If you want to sell fiction, to as many people as possible, then you have to be thoughtful and courteous. You can still get a point across, but all sides should be fairly represented. It's all up to what you want to say and who you want to say it to. 

Remember, you don't want to be that landmine going off. 


If you liked this post, or did not like it. Write a comment to discuss. If you've had prior experience with this let me know here or on Twitter. Looking forward to your replies. 


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