Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 11/10/2017

WCM: We had a very special guest on this past Friday's show. Jonathan Maberry joined us for a very informative episode. We discussed his many projects. He’s worked on the Marvel zombies universe and even has multiple novels involving those dastardly beings that eat brains. So, yeah, zombies came up once or twice during the conversation.

JD: Jonathan Maberry is a cool cat and made for a great guest. How does someone go from professional thug to best-selling author? The details are all in the show!

WCM: We talked to Kentucky Bob’s wife, who had some colorful words for Deadman. We had to censor because it became a bit inappropriate.

JD: I do not like that word. When someone tries to censor it feels limiting. Growing up, my favorite show was South Park, my favorite talk show was Stern, and my favorite comedian was Jack Black and Ron White. Those guys are at their best when allowed to fly free! That moment with hillbilly bob would've been funnier if I was allowed to go to the extreme!

WCM: All in all it had been a great show with another great guest. Very informative.

JD: A lot of inromation about zombies, the business side to writing, and even Stephen King. He comes up just about every episode.

Outro: Next show we will discuss why you don’t need to use profanity to get your point across. Let the sparks fly.
JD: You'll have to summon up the ghost of Billy Mays if you expect me to be clean! Only the power of OxiClean can wash out this dirty mouth, mom!

WCM: Oh boy

JD and WCM

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