My Daughter the Horror Writer

Thinking of how long it took me to get my shit together and get my writing out there, I wonder what it would have been like if I had started earlier in life, maybe forged from confidence passed on by my parents. My mom passed when I was 13 and my father didn't care much for reading and writing. So there's that. But I wonder about my child and what early encourament might do for her. Don't want to force her, though. But it would be cool if she wanted to write, and at an early age. 

My daughter had a dream. She told me and my wife about it on a trip to the supermarket. 

It started off nice. She was with mommy and daddy and we all loved each other. Then, bad people came up and we started fighting. We killed them and cut them open and the blood spilled everywhere. When we opened the doors, it flowed out into New York and God came down and made the blood float up and rain down everywhere. 

She then, once she saw our reaction, continued to say, "The blood rains down!" over and over. The situation wasn't as bad as it sounds. We were all laughing, despite the grim subject matter. I don't know where she could have heard this as we don't let her watch horror movies. The occasional snatch, or peek, but for the most part she's strictly children's shows. She doesn't even like horror flicks. Mind you, I don't remember any blood raining down on any show I've seen lately, unless it was a random commercial for a Saturday horror night thing--the Freddy bed rain scene comes to mind. But she wasn't around. 

So I thought, where the hell could she have seen this? Maybe school? One of the other kids? 

My wife looked up a few things. Blood raining down seems to be a symbol for the end of the world. 

It's said children can see things. Innocence? And a child shall lead them? Hopefully we haven't gotten there just yet. 

Very strange, that dream. It remains a mistery for now. Though, maybe she has the makings for a young horror writer after all. 

Let's see. 



Unknown said…
I'd listen to horror movies as my parents watched them and my bedroom was above the living room. A good imagination plus hearing screams and ungodly noises can create some images.
William said…
Very true. I was scared to watch, but needed to for some reason. Tales From the Crypt was a great point. I loved it. I knew what it would do to me later when I needed to use the restroom, but I needed to watch. Plus, YouTube has many avenues with questionable content. I have to use the parental lock on it. :-D

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