Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/14/2017

WCM: First and foremost, is the Dynamite gone for good this time? For those who haven't heard yet, The Dynamite left the show abruptly due to someone flexing their bullying, corporate muscle. It's censorship of fart soundboards... 

JD: The Dynamite got salty over being told to cut the sounds. There was a moment where the conversation got real, very real. It would be too petty for Marchese to leave over Sound board, I think Mistress Rosie made him cry. She was fast in putting him the corner and pulling out her strap on! 

WCM: Of course, what was thought to have been a wild and crazy dominatrix turned out to be a human being with a real life and unfortunate past. I feel terrible about that, and just want to say that by standing up for my fart board freedom I was in no way downgrading the terrible past that this woman had. I feel sorry that the feud with the Deadman industry had to drop at the time it did. But sometimes good things spawn from bad. Just like roses from manure. No pun intended. 

JD: is soundboard persecution coming? There is a poll, and the people are voting! But is Marchese more than just a fart machine?

WCM: I cannot speak on the rest of the show, as I left prematurely, but I do know that if he wants Boothill, he can have Boothill as the new Dynamite. But know this, I'll tell Iron Mike, and he'll find you--he'll find both of you... And the Kid Dynamite don't play. 

WCM: I think there should be some sort of public appology. Maybe some bare-chested, baby bottle, sun-glassed proof that the Dynamite is loved and needed on the show. 

JD: I agree, public apology. When is it going to happen, Will? Are you man enough to dress as a baby and take some pictures? 

WCM: 😰

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