Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/7/2017

WCM: Another Friday night, another Deadman's Tome podcast for you sick perverts out there. And some of you play-it-straight types, too. On this episode we talked to Armand Rosamili. 

JD: That's right. Armando Rosamalia was on the show, and I expected more jokes from a guy that wrote about rapie zombies. But, nevertheless, it was a very informative show.

WCM: The Catman made an appearance, but it was mostly a serious show. 

JD: but we learned what it means when Armand says he is making a living from his writing. He achieved the dream, and without government assistance or a sugar mama.

WCM: We had a guest in the audience, Clive Barker, was it? who had a problem with the fart soundboard. Really? lol 

JD: Clive Barker wanted someone to pet the Cat Man, but found the farting annoying. The Dynamite might have a medical condition and can't help himself. I feel bad for his wife, because you know she washes those skid mark undies. 

WCM: Well, all in all it was another great show. We'll see you next time. 

JD and WCM

You can listen on YouTube and iTunes and Spreaker, link below:


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