Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 6/30/2017

WCM: Another week another Deadman's Tome Podcast. This week we just had a little fun, sans guest. We discussed the subject of African Americans killed off in horror movies. And Dedman got all excited with another subject...

JD: oh yeah, when a round thing gets in my face I get sprung! Ghetto Booty, phat ass, fat bottom girls I like em all. Something soothing, calming even, from watching a round plump booty twerk. 

WCM: We had some fun with Fiverr and an anonymous listener had some choice words for Dedman to read about himself.  

JD: yeah, apparently people think I'll say just about anything for five bucks, and that might not be far from the truth. I wonder what sort of trouble I'll get into next week.

WCM: All in all we got through another show where we accomplished absolutely nothing, unless you consider how Dedman is making the alcohol industry's stock go through the roof. 

Come back next week for more antics and possibly a Thursday night show. See you then.

And you can find us on YouTube and iTunes, or any pod catcher. 



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