Monsters Exist Author Expose - No. 7 - William Marchese

I come to my tale in the anthology. This story merges many different influences. These various stories are, to me, the most entertaining. The government conducting secret experiments on our soldiers--a perfect killing machine. Kids and the wondrous way they explore and solve problems--and then throwing in a whopping problem on their laps. And finally, that moment when we are at one with ourselves and truth reins free. That moment when you think of death, killing, what if this, what if that. Things you never speak about unless they are the ultimate confidant. These are the elements I like to play with. Even though this story didn't fully turn out the way I wanted, people tell me they still think it's good. I'll let you decide. And if you want, and request it, I'll work on editing it the way I intended it, and i'll release to whoever bought the anthology. So now, here is my backstory for No. 7

No. 7

By: William Marchese

When I got the idea for No.7, I had a few of my favorite tales, and authors, come to mind. A bit of Stranger Things, a sprinkling of Dean Koontz, maybe a bit of zombies-from-the-government and secret experimentation themes and you have the Frankenstein that is No.7 to read. 

Born from time restrained anxiety and hacked down from about 5000 words to less than 2000, No.7 is a victim of time and circumstance. 

I want to say I enjoyed writing it, and perhaps there were moments when I did just that, but most of it was rushed and didn't come out the way I wanted. 

Now, that doesn't mean someone won't enjoy reading it. One man's meat is another man's poison, if the saying goes like that--but I like to go deep into my subconscious and iron out little things that make a story seem more real, and I didn't get the chance here. 

The main meat of the story is still there. I'm somewhat big on dialogue, as well, which, I feel, took a hit here. It was simply edited into a stilted mess. 

Am I crazy? Is the story good the way it is? 
I am offering, if people request, to send a version of how I feel the story should have gone. You can hit me up on Twitter, and prove you've bought the anthology, and I'll email you a PDF version reedited. 

After I submitted I moved on to another project, so if you request I'll get to work on finishing it up. Lets see how many like it enough to see an alternate version. More scenes, and dialogue the way it was intended...

Other than that, this story is still dear to my heart, and I stand by it all the way. 



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