Friday Musings 7/7/2017

Friday. Blessed Friday. At least for those who have off on the weekend. But for those who are getting their real careers going, it still means work. But it's work we want to do. You know the saying: if you love what you do,  you never work a day in your life. 


Today I'm ponder about a project I've been working on, titled The Cat. I have gone through so Many iterations of this story, and they don't seem to hit the mark. The idea is original, I'm told, just too many parts etc. It's just I had a certain vision for the story that have to realize are from a when I wasn't so in tune with the writing scene. 

I'm doing it one last time before I shelf it for a bit. I think this last go is going great, but we will see. Maybe I'll use the idea that isn't working for this in another story down the road. I have to realize that was a time when I was a bit amateur. 

Holding me back. 

I am focusing too much on a time before I learned a lot about how to write and the industry. Trying to shoehorn an old story into that knowledge just isn't working, and it seems to be stalling me for other projects that are waiting to explode. 

I wrote a story for Unnerving Magazine and had it published titled Daddy. That came in between shelving the other story briefly. 


I guess the moral of this story is go with your gut, what feels right. Sometimes breaking past fears, or the past, is a pretty wonderful thing. Try new things. New techniques and ways of executing your craft. 

Don't stop. 


Ah, a flat white. Pretty good. Think of it like a stronger latte--with a leaf! 


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