Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/28/2017

WCM: Josh Schlossberg was on this show, talking about microbial horror. I was having technical difficulties in the begining, and I think I heard Dedman riffing on the fart machine again. Was it another chapter in the never ending drama that is the sound system of Dynamite?! Just remember, you play with Dynamite the wrong way, he's apt to explode! 

JD: Josh came on to share his knowledge of top secret U.S. government microbe projects. Marchese had technical issues, and I was shitting myself throughout the show. Are these isolated incidents or a conspiracy to stop us from speaking the truth?

WCM: We talked about microbial horror and how video games are coming up with new and exciting horror stories. One airborne horror tale is The Last of Us. 

JD: Microbial Horror? What's so scary about something that some GermX could kill? I thought that, too. But Josh showed me the light. You can run from Jason but you can't run from super AIDS.

WCM: Jessie proposed to me. Oh come on--not like that! He is thinking of changing the shows name to incorporate me a more permanent way into the fold. What do you think? What should the show be named? 

JD: Should Will get a full-time spot? I think so. I got on my knees and proposed to the Dynamite. Will he say yes?

Next week we'll talk about the Women of Horror with That Horrible Woman. 

Listen on YouTube and iTunes and Spreaker where you can listen live or download all the episodes. Link below.

WCM and JD


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