Friday Musings 7/14/2017

Once again it's Friday and I find myself here in this Cafe with my flatwhite, leaf creamily waiting on the surface for caffeine-yearning lips. 

We find ourselves at many places throughout the day, week, year, lifetime. One may sit and drift, thinking upon what their meaning in life is. So many people in this world, what are you here for? Some will shake their head and go in with their day, go to work where they'll do the same thing--possibly with minor shifts throughout--until they (hopefully) retire and then have nothing to do with themselves--unless they take up some "hobbies." 

This is, for the most part, fine. A lit of these people are mothers, fathers, grandparents etc. They do serve a purpose. But what abiut that which burns deep down inside? What abiut that nagging voice that warns, "if you wait too long!" 

I've heard that voice throughout my life and I'm listening and doing something abiut it. It sort of feels like that part in the Matrix, where Neo pulls the plug from his real self, no longer fooled by "the Powers That Be." 

Some may say, "but look how many people there are doing the exact same thing." and yes, there are a lot. But you are you, and there is a way, a formula. It's out there. It's been done, being done. 

That same voice is usually the one giving you ideas, trying to convince you to embrace your creativity. 

I'm if the belief that even just being on the path is enough, success is an added bonus. If you can reach a reader and they say, "man, you really brought me into that world," or, "you changed my life," that's payment in itself. 

Don't quit your day job, unless you have a pretty good idea you're on the precipice of financial independence. But keep in mind that you are thinking above most of society by just having this transcending mindset--attempting to push forward with your dreams. And if you persist, it will come. 

I am not going to be arrogant, but I will be self confident. I plan to make this work. I hope to reach a level of fame that supports my family and I comfortably, and gets my writing out there to millions. I want to be that escape for someone in these crazy times. But in reality, they've always been crazy, haven't they. 

That's just life. 



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