Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/21/2017

WCM: This week's show we had no guests on, but we did some soul searching about the animosity that had built during the week due to me walking off the last show, and came to amends. It's just not worth it. Boothill can't fill

JD: Yes, the beef between me and the Dynamite was settled, at least for now. With Amazon almost hitting Deadman's Tome with the ban hammer, we realized we have bigger fishes to fry. Amazon lost their shit over the content in No Safe Word and claimed that it is offensive. At the same time, Amazon allows family friendly titles like Chain of Shit and Lust for Dinosaur Step-dad. The hypocrisy is just too thick to ignore, and j intend to remind Amazon that they're full of shit! Check out the new show called Fuck Amazon. You'll find it on Spreaker and iTunes. 

WCM: George Romero dying has been a big downer for many horror fans. We lost a great mind in the horror industry. He will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

JD: Romero passed away, but his legacy remains. He is one of the few that created his own path, while others followed. His impact on the zombie genre will live on forever. Zombies might be tired, but they're a monster that can always come back when needed. It's about the content and timing.

WCM: We also talked about zombies and if they are done for now with the overpowering presence of The Walking Dead. Also other tropes like Vampires etc. 

JD: Yes, we talk about zombie logic and how it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. At least for reanimated dead zombies. 

JD: We have Josh Schlossberg, author featured in Deadman's Tome Campfire Tales, coming on the next show. Josh is a huge fan of microbial horror. Is microbial horror just a gimmick? Is it a way to produce horror without an elobarate monster? You want microbial horror? Try eating some day old Taco Bell. I was stuck in the ivory throne for almost a week! 

WCM: Oh jeez. 

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