Spoiler Alert, Sort Of

So I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead. Sort of a spoiler alert coming up. 

That said, I will just come out and say I figured they were going to do something like this, not showing who died until next season. If you think about it, it's genius. It doesn't get anyone angry if it's (ahem, Glenn, cough cough) and keeps the fans eager to know who it was that got their head bashed in--like in the comic...where it was Glenn. 

I was talking to a guy at work about the possibilities. He was saying Maggie was getting it, I said Glenn, like the comic. And then we sort of came to the conclusion that they'd do what they did and killed the person and saved it for next season. Still good stuff. I almost thought they weren't going to do that, and that felt weird because I didn't know what was going to happen--but I like when a story can do that to me. One thing about being a writer is you sometimes know what is going to happen, what the writer is going to do. When they surprise me, it's a treat. 

I was watching The Talking Dead, the show that discusses TWD afterward, and saw someone tweeted that they were stressed. I feel their pain. The last half hour I was having some pretty decent anxiety as the tension was so tight. 

But that's good horror. Plus the fact that you feel for these characters. You feel like your there with them. And when that character was killed by Negan, you saw that person getting killed through their eyes and ears. 

Great stuff. 

I also liked how they used the actor, Steven Ogg, who did the voice acting for Trevor in GTA 6. He plays that role perfectly. 

Can't wait until next season, but at least we have Fear The Walking Dead while we wait. 

I could keep going on about this all night, but it's getting late and the grind calls to me for it's favorite day, Monday. 

Until next time. 

Keep writing. 



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